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SciTech has been found for the pure sake of enabling the "necessary" things happen shortly after the big bang in Czechoslovakia as a logical result of quite several years of market oriented activities. The six partners whose formed the basic crew in 1991 were chemists, electro-engineers and mass spectrometry specialist from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Academy of Sciences mainly for the above reason. SciTech spol. s r.o. (Ltd., Inc., or GmbH type company) was a solution becoming the Institute non exclusive business interface. This is valid now more generally and SciTech acts mainly for academic sphere. The principle of snowball rolling down from the slope was from the beginning the most probable factor of company scope broadening. After targeted selection of activities SciTech was profiled in 1992. The structure has gained has been the organizational framework since. Now, the main SciTech activities are i.a. import and export activities for many industrial, scientific and educational institutions in the Czech republic. not being limited to these partners. 
Servicing of chemical equipment for Thermo Separation Products, Gerhardt, Vacuubrand and others was and is a major activity of the company. Sales representation or distribution for quite several companies within the republic or within the East Europe. Production of progressive insect control means which is in reasonable and growing status, production of own immunoadjuvant dietary product that was small and not profitable and was stopped. In export is SciTech active in special (mostly custom synthesized) chemicals, special glassware, unique small laboratory equipment (like peptide synthesizers). SciTech also publishes scientific literature and textbooks. These books are usually sold very cheap or donated free as a way of promotion to the Czech science. SciTech is also active in the support of the scientific activities with opening of financially honored competition of young scientists, donations to the science supporting foundations, schools, hospitals, supporting scientific meetings, and libraries. SciTech is a member of the Czech Chemical Society and the Czech Vacuum Society.
The basic prerequisites of SciTech business policy are fast and reliable service with the maximal technical and expert knowledge behind, low margin and honest book keeping. It i s appreciated more and more with the growing number of customers. 

SciTech®, spol. s r.o., Nad Sarkou 75, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic, telephone +420-2-24311850, fax +420-2-24311850, E-mail