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Alicat mass flow and pressure instruments


Since 2008, SciTech Prague 6 is authorized to import and re-sell the mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers that are produced by Alicat Scientific, Inc. since its founding in 1991.

Alicat Scientific's mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are NIST traceable and come with an industry first lifetime warranty. Alicat Scientific is working to fulfill its goal of helping customers build accurate and repeatable systems by providing cost effective flow and pressure solutions.
Alicat's mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are instrumental in helping customers save time and money by reducing downtime and material loss and increasing measurement precision.

There are over 35,000 Alicat mass flow meter, mass flow controller, liquid flow, and pressure instruments in operation around the world. Alicat's mass flow meters and mass flow controllers, as well as Alicat's pressure control and pressure measurement devices, are being used in a variety of measurement and control based processes.
Companies performing automotive manufacturing, fuel cell development, environmental testing, leak detection, spray drying, tank blanketing, extra-planetary exploration, atmospheric testing, fiber optics and process gas metering benefit from Alicat's mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure measurement solutions. Alicat engineers are always willing to provide flow related assistance if needed.

Please visit our flow instrumentation products page or contact us directly if you would like more information about our full line of pressure gauges, pressure controllers, liquid flow meters, liquid flow controllers, mass flow meters or mass flow controllers.



Could you need any information, help or consultation, please, do not hesitate to contact the Alicat web pages, where you can get all the necessary information, quotes etc., or call SciTech Prague (+420 224 311 850), or Alicat Tucson (+1 520 290 6060). Anyone of us will be happy to help you.